• Finding My Words

  • A Ruthless Commitment to Healing Gently after Trauma
  • 著者: Mark McNear
  • ナレーター: Adam G. Smith
  • 再生時間: 2 時間 49 分


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Finding My Words

著者: Mark McNear
ナレーター: Adam G. Smith
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My dad told me that I "wrecked things", that I was "trash" and "stupid", and that I was a "burden." 

Mark M. McNear repeatedly heard, “What’s the matter with you? Are you a fool?” He received those responses when he shared his dreams for the future. He heard those dismissive words whenever he took initiative to do something he hadn’t done before. Not surprisingly, these harsh words undermined his desire to take initiative in life.

After struggling through abuse, addictions, and rehab, Mark looked around and said, with fear and trepidation, “Now what, Lord?” He was afraid of what was coming next—the challenging work of recovery and facing future unknowns.

Now, Mark wakes up in the morning with joy in his heart. Instead of fear and trepidation, he’s excited about life and what each day holds. And he wants you to experience the same kind of hope in your life.

Dr. Mark M. McNear is a licensed clinical social worker and maintains a private practice in New Jersey. With over 30 years of experience in clinical practice, Dr. McNear now focuses on helping those who have had trauma and abuse in their lives, sharing the hope of healing that he has personally experienced for himself. He is a graduate of Northeastern Bible College, New York University, and Oxford Graduate School. Dr. McNear is also a popular speaker, a frequent guest on nationally syndicated radio broadcasts, an author, and a featured panelist in several videos dealing with Christianity and mental health.God loves you and accepts you just as you are, right there in the messiness of your life. He’s pursuing you, and you won’t regret opening the door of your life to him—or to other people who are available and able to help you in your recovery from trauma. If you want to take steps toward healing from your past, you don’t have to go it alone. Get help from Finding My Words and begin your story of hope today!

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