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『Famous People in History 2』のカバーアート

Famous People in History 2

著者: Nicolas Soames
ナレーター: Daniel Philpott, Laura Brattan, Garrick Hagon


¥ 1,600 で購入

¥ 1,600 で購入



Here are the life stories of nine famous people who have left their mark upon the world. There are men of action such as Alexander the Great and George Washington, and a woman, Joan of Arc, who inspired a nation. There are scientists whose voyages of discovery took place in laboratories: Isaac Newton,

Louis Pasteur, and Marie Curie. Imagination is the fuel of the artist. The paintings of Leonardo da Vinci and the symphonies of Ludwig van Beethoven, though centuries old, still affect us today. And finally, there is the story of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who gained freedom for his country while at the same time promoting the idea of peace and non-violence. These men and women were important in their time and, even in our computer age, show what individuals with ideals and energy can acheive.

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Biography has long been one of the most popular ways to teach history, and when it's done well, it's one of the most compelling genres for kids and adults. This recording spends about 20 minutes or so on each of nine historical figures, including George Washington, Isaac Newton, Beethoven, and Marie Curie, and is appropriate for kids about 8 and up. The writing is occasionally awkward, but it does hold the listener's interest, as do the three British narrators who share the bill. And in the Naxos tradition, the recording includes a fine musical backdrop (exploited particularly well in the Beethoven section).

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