• Emotional Intelligence at School and Work

  • Stages of Emotional Development from Childhood to Adulthood for Greater Success in School, Work, and Life
  • 著者: Amanda M. Myers
  • ナレーター: Catherine O'Connor
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『Emotional Intelligence at School and Work』のカバーアート

Emotional Intelligence at School and Work

著者: Amanda M. Myers
ナレーター: Catherine O'Connor


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¥900 で購入



A beginning to end guide to emotional intelligence throughout your life.

Have you ever wondered how much more you could achieve if you took control over your emotions? Did you ever wonder how someone could remain calm and collected in a situation where you would have lost your head?

Is emotional intelligence something you crave but don’t know how to work on?

Most books on emotional intelligence talk about adulthood only, but emotions begin running rampant long before we mature. It all starts when we’re children, which is why this book aims to look further than any other to help guide you and your family towards greater emotional intelligence.

For greater success in school, work, and life, emotional intelligence is key.

This book introduces situations that you will encounter throughout your life that test your emotional intelligence, along with solutions to help you make the right decisions.

In addition, you’ll also discover:

  • A guide to the basic emotions and how to recognize them
  • Everything you need to know about what emotional intelligence is and how it helps you
  • How to control your emotions
  • What to do about negative emotions
  • How you will experience emotions at school and work, and how to handle those emotions in yourself and children
  • The impact emotions have on your career
  • What emotional intelligence can do for your physical and mental health
  • And much, much more!

Emotions are unavoidable, but they are also understandable. Take the time to learn about them, and you will be well on your way to higher emotional intelligence.

Click “buy” to begin developing your own emotional intelligence for the benefit of yourself and those around you.

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