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DrainThatPain is a holistic energy technique for chronic pain elimination. You read it correctly—pain elimination. The goals are clearly stated. This book and the documentary that inspired it educate and motivate you as the receiver to let go of emotional and physical chronic pain while accepting that shared loving intention is the most powerful force in the world!

Obviously, there are no guarantees, but thousands of people have let go of pain with DrainThatPain practitioners and other pain elimination methodologies all over the world! The 10 contributors talk about different techniques: havening (a psychosensory technique), hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), and zhineng qigong (ZQ, wisdom qigong). Ultimately, we’re focused on healing, awakening, enlightenment, meditation, opening up extrasensory perception, awareness, precognition, intuition, channeling, the Law of Attraction, and bringing heaven to Earth. Unabashedly, this is a “heal the world” documentary and a book about the power of love to unite and heal us and our planet Earth! 

And it doesn’t really matter whether you believe in pain elimination or not—all you must do is set intention. People in chronic pain are living in the past in some way. Letting go of pain is about soul learnings—moving stuck energy out of the past to embrace gratitude, joy, and bliss associated with the understanding of our mutual connectedness. We have one heart! DrainThatPain is the integration of body, mind, and soul. It’s a soul healing, as its voice whispers to our soul in its native language—poetry, music, waterfalls, angels, unicorns, beautiful scenes of nature, and high-vibration crystalline singing bowls. It’s learning to attend to the present as you positively intend for the future. 

Yes, you can understand that you can DrainThatPain listening to this book as you open up your awareness and imagine a life where you create what you want rather than what you don't want. Manifestation of your dreams happens easily and effortlessly when you get in the flow. Creative energy floods the passive and active imagination. DrainThatPain teaches people to feel energy in their body, to feel different states within, and to release negative emotions. 

Exercises help you to feel the warmth of your heart chakra (energy center), join your heart chakra with your divinity/crown chakra at the top of your head, step out of anxiety, and move toward a happier, more productive, imaginative state of being. Because your magnificent body can distinguish between that old chronic pain and new pain, it can let go of that unwanted pain. You’ll still be able to take action appropriately in the event of new pain—an accident or injury. You are protected. 

Nothing has ever inspired me as much as watching people let go of chronic pain. Tears of joy! I’ve followed that feeling of happiness, gratitude, hope, and yes—love! Could this potent loving energy grow as a placebo effect? Simply intending to let go of chronic pain while another holds space is enough for the stuck energy of chronic pain to drain away? Could that really be so? Yes! Can you do this listening to this book? Absolutely, just as thousands have let go of chronic pain listening to Dr. John Sarno’s books. 

Join us! Look inside the book and see the wide range of emotional and physical pain released from everything, from allergies to trigeminal neuralgia.

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