• Documentary Superstars

  • How Today's Filmmakers Are Reinventing the Form
  • 著者: Marsha McCreadie
  • ナレーター: Melba Sibrel
  • 再生時間: 9 時間 22 分

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『Documentary Superstars』のカバーアート

Documentary Superstars

著者: Marsha McCreadie
ナレーター: Melba Sibrel


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¥2,500 で購入



The first book to trace the rise of documentaries as mainstream entertainment....

When did documentaries get glamorous? Documentary Superstars looks at the history of documentaries and traces their transition from hands-off to in your face. Exclusive interviews with Michael Moore, Morgan Spurlock, Errol Morris, George Clooney, Sacha Baron Cohen, Morgan Freeman, Al Gore, and more of the biggest names in the field show the impact of the documentary style on mainstream movies and on our society. From cinéma vérité to the inserted narrator, from the “balanced” point of view to the charismatic commentator (à la Fahrenheit 9/11), to the documentarian starring in his own narrative (as in Supersize Me) to filmmakers’ innovative use of cameos, pseudocameos, and archival footage, and much more, Documentary Superstars examines the way in which this evolving art form has changed - and changed us.

  • Newfound box-office clout makes documentaries big business
  • Interviews with Michael Moore, Morgan Spurlock, Al Gore, Sacha Baron Cohen, more
  • Includes career advice for new documentary filmmakers

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Marsha McCreadie examines the sudden proliferation and popularity of documentary filmmaking, arguing that it has supplanted narrative work as the dominant mode of intelligence and creativity in contemporary cinema. Melba Sibrel's supremely confident delivery helps to sell McCreadie's assertions as she details the varying styles that the documentary has taken over the years, from the purism of Frederick Wiseman to Michael Moore-influenced commentary and Morgan Spurlock's me-first approach. McCreadie's approach is analytical and thought-provoking, making Documentary Superstars a worthy history as well as compelling argument for the art form's evolution and vitality.


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