• Difficult Riddles for Smart Kids

  • Over 900 Challenging Riddles and Brain Teasers for Kids to Enjoy with the Whole Family!
  • 著者: The Riddle Academy
  • ナレーター: Simon Benham
  • 再生時間: 3 時間 52 分
  • 完全版 オーディオブック
  • カテゴリー: 絵本・児童書, ユーモア


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¥ 1,900 で購入



In an era where social media is taking over the world, bonding time with children has become very difficult. Finding something to keep away the children from the internet can be tricky, and that is why this audiobook has been designed for someone like you. This book is a collection of exciting, educational riddles of all genres that will surely provide you and your family with bonding activities.

Kids need to learn outside the internet, and one way of achieving this is by introducing other sources of knowledge, such as riddles. Children learn and sharpen their mental skills by sharing riddles as it is an exciting activity, different from what they are used to in schools.

"Why riddles?" is a question that this audiobook will get to answer. Riddles are not just meant for fun, but so much that can also be achieved by using riddles. 

This is what this book will achieve for you and your child:

  • Create fun for the child
  • Develop critical and problem-solving skills
  • Expand comprehensions skills
  • Achieve bonding

The riddles are in different genres to ensure that children with different interests are all covered. Both boys and girls can greatly enjoy these riddles as the book has greatly considered the interests of both genders. For teachers who are looking for exciting ways to capture their student’s attention and keep them more focused, this guide will get you the riddles for this.

When you realize that your lesson is getting boring, you can introduce these riddles in the classes. This book is intended for very smart children. Therefore, most of the riddles will require adult assistance from time to time. This is a great thing because you can use this opportunity to test your child’s EQ level.

Whether you are looking for a distraction from all the electronics, or you are on a road trip and are looking for exciting ways to keep the children energized, Difficult Riddles for Smart Kids has got you covered.

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