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Mike Wells and one of the leading academics in the subject, Professor Matthew Stibbe, come together to examine this most important period within Germany's history.

Our History A Level series on Democracy and Dictatorships 1919-1963 fully follows the curriculum, starting from the failed attempt to establish democracy in Germany to the split between East and West Germany and the establishment of West Germany's economic powerhouse. It provides new and fresh perspectives on this period and will fully furnish students with core knowledge throughout the course and prepare them for their exams. The series is 28 chapters long, with Professor Stibbe delivering key concepts to give new and added insight into the subject.

Our authors, Professor Matthew Stibbe and Mike Wells, have enormous experience across this period of history. Matthew Stibbe is a specialist in 20th-century German and European history and is currently secretary of the German History Society. Mike Wells is a lead examiner for OCR and has written many textbooks.

Chapters include:
Introduction to Democracy and Dictatorship in Germany 1919-1963
The Impact of the First World War
Key Concept - Demobilisation
The Golden Years 1924-9
Key Concept - Relative Stabilisation
The Collapse of Weimar
Key Debate - Who Voted for the Nazis?
Hitler's Consolidation of Power 1933-4
Key Concept - The Dual State
The Terror State
Key Debate - Coercion Versus Consent
Key Concept - The Politics of Racial Exclusion
The Benefits of Nazi Rule
Key Concept - The Volksgemeinschaft
The Impact of World War Two
Key Concept - The Hitler Myth
The Holocaust
Key Debate - The Wannsee Conference
The Division of Germany
Key Debate - Was the Division of Germany After WW2 Inevitable?
The Economic Miracle of West Germany
Key Concept - The Re-masculinisation of Society
Adenauer's Dominance
Key Concept - Western Integration
East Germany
Key Concept - East Germany and Anti-fascism
Exam Guidance and Preparation

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Democracy and Dictatorships in Germany (1919-1963) Study Guideに寄せられたリスナーの声


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in a nutshell Germany Course

The real strengths of this audiobook lie in it's clear and concise conveying of information, particularly key facts and pieces of evidence. It does this through engaging structured conversation between the narrators. Really recommend for students of German history, or for the casual armchair historian looking for a fresh (very structured) take.