• Dark Psychology and Manipulation Techniques

  • Discover the Secrets of Learning the Art of Persuasion to Influence People with Brainwashing, Deception, NLP, Hypnosis, Body Language, and Mind Control
  • 著者: Jacob Anderson
  • ナレーター: Joe Wosik
  • 再生時間: 6 時間 16 分


『Dark Psychology and Manipulation Techniques』のカバーアート

Dark Psychology and Manipulation Techniques

著者: Jacob Anderson
ナレーター: Joe Wosik


¥2,500 で購入

¥2,500 で購入



Do you want to know the secrets behind the art of influence to control and manipulate people with brainwashing techniques, deception, body language, mind control, and hypnosis? If yes, then the Dark Psychology and Manipulation Techniques audiobook is ideal for you.

Many of us are not aware of dark psychology, even if we are facing this in our daily lives in a lot of ways. This audiobook will give you a complete understanding of dark psychology and how this works in influencing people’s minds.

Dark psychology on the whole human life is an open secret. Dark Psychology and Manipulation Techniques is the most sought-after audiobook for researchers and for those who wish to know more about dark psychology.

Providing concise information, this audiobook contains perfect lessons about dark psychology, and it is beneficial for beginners. 

In this audiobook, the author tells you the pros of knowing your dark side and breaks down steps to change thinking styles or thoughts. It is an excellent self-referential audiobook. 

You must listen to this one to gain critical knowledge quickly.

So, please listen to this audiobook, as it will enrich your mind. It can help you in the right way.

If you want to access essential dark psychology’s tips and tricks, the Dark Psychology and Manipulation Techniques is a good reference for you and your friends and loved ones.

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