• Dark Psychology Secrets

  • Improve Your Life with Secret Persuasion Techniques Learn How to Read, Analyze, and Influence People Through Manipulation and Mind Control
  • 著者: Jacob Anderson
  • ナレーター: Joe Wosik
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『Dark Psychology Secrets』のカバーアート

Dark Psychology Secrets

著者: Jacob Anderson
ナレーター: Joe Wosik


¥2,500 で購入

¥2,500 で購入



Are you interested in learning how to improve your life by understanding and influencing people through manipulation and mind control? If yes, this is the right audiobook for you!

Every day, people around us may manipulate, influence, persuade, and intimidate us to take advantage and get what they want. They do this using dark psychology tactics. Dark psychology includes the science and art of mind control and manipulation.

To give some examples, people who are good public speakers use dark psychological and persuasion tactics to maximize the emotional state of the listeners, which leads to an increase in the sale of their product (whatever they were selling to the audience). 

These people also know the moment and time of taking advantage of the emotional turmoil of other people. 

People in politics (usual politicians) use dark tactics to persuade others that they will do the needful and perform the activities in favor of the ordinary people just to get a vote and to become the ruling party. 

People in corporate offices who are in a higher position and deployed as the company’s regional head use dark psychological tactics to get compliance, higher performance, or more significant efforts from their subordinates. 

They are not cared about 'what their subordinates deserve' or 'is their salary justified as per the work they are performing within the organization.    

This audiobook covers:

  • What is dark psychology?
  • The Dark Triad
  • How The Dark Triad can be applied
  • Common tactics and techniques to influence others
  • Influence people with mind hijacks
  • And much more!

Let’s change your life thanks to dark psychology.

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