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Extreme horror, the macabre, and weird fiction come to life in this anthology of short stories, Creeping Shadows, by author Bill Link, where: 

  • A slum lord finds himself at the mercy of a sinister tenant and the eons-old god she worships.
  • A police detective receives a desperate call for help from a forgotten voice from the past, telling a story that is too unbelievably terrible to accept. 
  • An Old West outlaw on the run finds himself having to reveal his monstrous secret when seeking to settle a score. 
  • A budding serial killer believes himself to be the victim of a conspiracy bent on driving him insane with fright. 
  • Trolling oddballs with insane beliefs proves to be a horrifying thing when those holding such ideas try to make their lunacy reality. 
  • The real horror of finding that sleep paralysis is more than bad dreams comes when one man attempts to put an end to his nocturnal terrors. 
  • When an artist learns sending her daughter to spend the summer with her vindictive ex-husband is a terrible mistake, she discovers the terrible truths her ex had been keeping from her. 
  • A zombie finds his humanity, along with his memories of love, slipping away. 

Not for the faint of heart, these atmospheric, gore-filled stories unleash horrors both human and inhuman, written by a new voice in modern horror fiction.

©2018 Bill Link (P)2018 Bill Link

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