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Caught in the Chase

This summer I'm leaving my hometown for a fresh start. It's a necessary choice in my pursuit of a full and sober life. Besides, escaping to the Outer Banks isn't a hardship. This seaside town holds everything I need and more.

That is, until I run into Chase Matthews.

He's an arrogant, cocky, self-absorbed jerk who has already come between me and my best friend once. The smart thing to do is keep him at a distance, even if he seems lost and alone.

Instead, I'm compelled to help him.

Chase is broken and beautiful in ways I fully understand. It's been months since I've indulged in a drink, but I've found a new obsession.

He's everything I want and the last thing I need.

Each day draws us closer, but I can't allow myself to get caught up in Chase. We were only meant to have the summer. A temporary fling. Yet my heart has other plans. I don't know how I'll ever walk away. Even if he costs me everything.

Caught in Us

I never expected Alicia Martin to walk back into my life. Not after the way she left. Not after her letter. Yet here she is, more alluring than ever and with a secret that flips my world on its axis.

Three years ago I would have done anything to be with her, but now things are different. Complicated. I have a life here in Richmond, one I’m proud of and worked hard to build.

That doesn’t mean I’ve given up hope.

If anything, she’s restored my belief in second chances. The last time we were together, I gave her plenty of reasons to run. This time, I’ll convince her to stay.

Chase & Alicia's Boxed Set includes two full-length titles, Caught in the Chase and Caught in Us.

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  • ledgerina
  • 2022/07/19

Pretty Ending

Alicia was no easy character, she was a brat, a bitter person and honestly a lot liked I once was! I can't believe she ended up being happy in the end, after how miserably horrible she was to Lucia, her friends Callie and Jill, her mom, her dad and even Chase! Then, Simon, a pathetic character. He adored Alicia and she just used him! The performances were great ! Teddy Hamilton and Savannah Peachwood were fantastic and kudos to Kacey Shea, great story