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Change My Life

著者: Jack Thomas
ナレーター: Kennedy Kabasares
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Ever wondered why some people seem to win at life and others don’t? Ever wondered what makes these people different, what goes on in their heads, what they see that we don’t? Ever suffered from negative self talk, doubt, or worry that appear when opportunities present themselves?

If this sounds like you, then read on!

Most of us suffer from cognitive traps. We are so entangled in our own thoughts, belief systems, and values that we can no longer see the world as it really is. The good news is we can break these patterns. It’s all to do with how we perceive things. We can update our brains to think a different way; we can view the world from a different perspective so as to see the answers and remove the resistance of excuses and negative self-talk that stop us moving forward in achieving the life we not only want but deserve. In this book you will hear:

  • Finding the true origins of your current sabotaging beliefs?
  • Why focussing on other people can make your life worse.
  • The most damaging mindset that stops all progress.
  • The dark secret behind our brains traitorous side.
  • The quick daily routine that almost all successful people do that would surprise you.
  • And much, much more!

If you’re struggling with negative self talk and doubt preventing you from living the life you want, then look no further—this book is written for you!

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