• Building Analytics Teams

  • Harnessing Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Business Improvement
  • 著者: John K. Thompson
  • ナレーター: Natalie Lucken
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『Building Analytics Teams』のカバーアート

Building Analytics Teams

著者: John K. Thompson
ナレーター: Natalie Lucken


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¥3,100 で購入



In Building Analytics Teams, John K. Thompson, with his 30+ years of experience and expertise, illustrates the fundamental concepts of building and managing a high-performance analytics team, including what to do, who to hire, projects to undertake, and what to avoid in the journey of building an analytically sound team. The core processes in creating an effective analytics team and the importance of the business decision-making life cycle are explored to help achieve initial and sustainable success.

The audiobook demonstrates the various traits of a successful and high-performing analytics team and then delineates the path to achieve this with insights on the mindset, advanced analytics models, and predictions based on data analytics. It also emphasizes the significance of the macro and micro processes required to evolve in response to rapidly changing business needs.

The audiobook dives into the methods and practices of managing, developing, and leading an analytics team. Once you've brought the team up to speed, the audiobook explains how to govern executive expectations and select winning projects.

By the end of this audiobook, you will have acquired the knowledge to create an effective business analytics team and develop a production environment that delivers ongoing operational improvements for your organization.

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