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『Bol Bachchan [Speak Bachchan]』のカバーアート

Bol Bachchan [Speak Bachchan]

著者: Rupesh Dubey
ナレーター: Neeraj Yadav


¥ 2,400 で購入

¥ 2,400 で購入



Author Rupesh Dubey delves into the life of Indian cinema superstar Amitabh Bachchan in this compelling compilation of incidents from his journey in cinema, dialogues from his films and lessons from his life. An inspiring and motivating audiobook, it draws success mantras from the life and work of the actor. Describing it as a self-help book, the author goes back to the early struggles of Bachchan, connecting them with our deepest aspirations. What is success, and does happiness precede or follow success? He reflects on such questions by digging deeper into the trials and tribulations of Bachchan’s rise to fame. In his conversational style, the writer cites examples from everyday life and invites the listeners to think with him, as if he were sharing his thoughts and wisdom with a friend. He points out that in Indian cinema, any film that has a star cast will easily land a producer, distributors and dates for theatrical release and even draw in the advance bookings. Similarly, happiness is a superstar, he says. Through the audiobook, he explains how we can take control of our destiny and be the producer, director and star of our own lives. Bachchan’s life provides insight into how one can persevere through hope, despair, challenges and opportunities. What can we learn from his personal journey and from his larger-than-life image on the screen?   

A motivational speaker, management professional and an entrepreneur himself, the author shares his observations about long-lasting success and fulfilment that would resonate with anyone, from any field, at any stage of life.

Please note: This audiobook is in Hindi.

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