• Body Language

  • How to Analyze People, Use Powerful Communication, Manipulation and Negotiation Skills to Influence Anyone. Understand Behavioral Psychology to Win in Business and Relationships.
  • 著者: Edward J.P. Aniston
  • ナレーター: Jack R. James
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『Body Language』のカバーアート

Body Language

著者: Edward J.P. Aniston
ナレーター: Jack R. James
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Would you like to convince others of your ideas? Would you like to know what your friend is thinking? Would you like to understand and be able to react?

Listen and understand other people's mind directly through body language! 

Learn how to use the power of body language with tips that have been tested in practice. All of this is possible. Therefore, you must be in a situation where you can understand and analyze people. Body language will help you learn that. It's a key to discovering how people work.

Nonverbal communication gives us much more information about a person than verbal one does. Body language helps us more in understanding other people and what they will never say. For that, you must be ready to pay more attention to body language.

With this audiobook, you have the opportunity to learn how to read others' body language. All the tips in this book are oriented to help you discover and understand people. 

Learn from this valuable audiobook:

  • What are the benefits when you are able to read other people's body language
  • What behavior you must absolutely avoid with your body language
  • How to recognize if someone is lying to you or if the person is telling the truth
  • How to decipher your peers and thus act accordingly
  • How to pay attention to your own body language
  • What you should pay attention to in the nonverbal communication in the workplace and in your personal life
  • And many other things!

Do not waste your time. Learn to use the power of body language to your advantage. Buy the audiobook today!

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