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"A welcoming, comprehensive guide to practicing mindfulness and presence in professional life." (Publishers Weekly)


The key to a healthy work-life balance and heart-centered inner success.

As a busy professional working in a high-demand career, it’s easy to put your work and clients first and ignore your own needs. Becoming physically run-down, emotionally burned-out, and spiritually depleted can result in frustration, anxiety, and even disillusionment.

Beyond Balancing the Books is a practical guide that will help you find your authentic heart-centered focus. Using powerful everyday exercises and intentional questions, Marino’s grounding meditations will instill a reinvigorated sense of purpose. You'll enlighten yourself on how to align with your deepest values, uncovering your authentic voice while strengthening your focus, resilience, and overall well-being.

In Beyond Balancing the Books, you’ll discover:

  • The number one method for revealing your meaning and purpose
  • Mindfulness exercises and everyday practices you can start doing today to reconnect with your true nature
  • How to focus attention and explore untapped creativity
  • The keys to connecting with the present moment to manifest your desires, including mindful financial planning
  • Where inner success comes from and how to develop it for yourself
  • Heart-level connections, practical advice for creating harmony, science-based logic, and much, much more!

Beyond Balancing the Books is an empowering resource sure to set you on a more balanced life path, no matter your profession or personal circumstances. Whether you are working or retired, raising a family, or just in need of more self-care, George Marino's empowering insights, profound teachings, and inspirational techniques will help you deal with the stress and frustration of life's dilemmas.

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