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Do you want to know how an ordinary person like you can get extraordinary results? How can you learn to truly claim and exercise your power? How can you turn negative situations into positive ones?

In As One Thinks, Patrick J. Dailey answers these questions and more. Through deeply moving stories, provocative new arguments, life-changing quotes, and the re-imagination of James Allen’s As a Man Thinketh, he presents a powerful manifesto for how you can claim the driver’s seat of your life and create a great future for yourself.

This step-by-step playbook is part spiritual, part informational, and all motivational. It's a motivational guide to inspire listeners down the path of hope and to encourage anyone to understand how truly powerful they are while developing a positive outlook towards life.

Filled with real-life stories, biblical quotes, thoughtful tips, and meaningful advice, this audiobook is an insightful, inspiring guide for people who are trying to transform their mindsets and attract greater opportunities into their lives.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover in this audiobook:

  • Expanded discussions on how to create the situations you want in life and shape your own world using the power of your thoughts
  • How you can effectively transform your mindset to get outstanding results
  • Specific ways you can Identify and overcome the self-sabotaging beliefs
  • Real-life case studies for creating the life you totally love
  • And much more!

Whether your goal is to become a more effective leader, discover the key to happiness or you simply want to inspire yourself to think bigger and grow your wealth, this audiobook will empower you with deep and riveting information.

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