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People experience anxiety in different ways. It can be a sense of dread about an upcoming event, public speaking, job interview, first date, etc.

However, these feelings can also be chronic and not based on a specific event. There are various anxiety disorders, including panic attacks, agoraphobia, separation anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, social phobias, and even a generalized anxiety disorder. I had one client who told me that she felt incapacitated with worry and would lie on her closet floor crying. Symptoms of anxiety can include difficulty sleeping, restlessness, worrying, fatigue, sweating, heart palpitations, procrastination, and difficulty focusing.

The most important function of your unconscious mind is to protect your body. In response to a perceived threat, the fight-or-flight response stimulates the sympathetic nervous system. The adrenal glands produce massive amounts of hormones, readying the body for attack and increasing heart rate. The body is in stress. Continually stimulating the production of the stress response will eventually lead to chronic disease.

Are you tired of negative patterns in your life? Are you aware that these patterns pull you toward toxic people, accidents, negative habits, events, and unnecessary burdens?

What’s even worse is these patterns keep repeating, lifetime after lifetime. That’s karma. When you are anxious, you are creating what you do not want. It can be personal or collective consciousness. What happens to you is a result of your actions. Karma also implies volitional action, meaning actions you take with intention. It’s the law of cause and effect. “You reap what you sow.” Those are Paul the Apostle’s words. Karma is the balancing act of nature.

The underlying belief in this audiobook is that everything is energy. You are an energetic spiritual being in a human body. You have a soul that is pure love and is eternal. Everything else is karma. The message of this book is to forgive yourself and everyone else. Take yourself off the hook! Focus on love. Then you will attract love into your life. The reverse is focusing on negativity. That’s anxiety and what you will get. So let’s learn how to let go of negative patterns.

This audiobook is interactive with exercises that you do in your head. So set the intention to listen slowly and do these exercises. You will open up your awareness, learn to live in the moment, and switch off the conditioned ego mind. Your ego mind wants to judge you and others, create dramas, and more anxiety. The answer to anxiety is to awaken to the soul inside you and let go of fear in your life. Let’s make going within really satisfying!

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