• Ann Liguori's Audio Hall of Fame: Mickey Mantle

  • 著者: Mickey Mantle
  • ナレーター: Ann Liguori
  • 再生時間: 20 分

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『Ann Liguori's Audio Hall of Fame: Mickey Mantle』のカバーアート

Ann Liguori's Audio Hall of Fame: Mickey Mantle

著者: Mickey Mantle
ナレーター: Ann Liguori


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Baseball Hall of Fame 'legend' Mickey Mantle played his entire 18-year major-league career for the New York Yankees, and is loved by just about everyone who's a fan of the game. To this day, Mickey Mantle is one of the most celebrated players in the history of baseball.

He holds the record for the most World Series home runs and a lengthy list of other spectacular stats. The term legend is often over-used, but it was coined for players like Mickey Mantle. Ann Liguori caught up with Mantle at his restaurant in New York City, and talked with him at length about his career.

Liguori, award-winning luminary in sports broadcasting with a celebrated career that spans two decades. Liguori has interviewed some of the most legendary sports personalities, drawing out their success stories, their opinions on a variety of issues, and their love of the game.

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In this interview with veteran sports broadcaster Ann Liguori, baseball legendary Mickey Mantle talks about his glory days, his retirement, his family, and the difference between baseball then and now ("It’s like 25 different corporations coming to the ballpark," he says of the game today.) Liguori asks tough and probing questions, but always in a respectful manner, and fans will enjoy hearing "The Mick" reflect on his long and celebrated career. The last segment of this audiobook features Liguori speaking with Mantle's son David about the foundation he established after his father’s death.

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