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Book three of the Accidental Engagement Series by Bridget Taylor!

Bridget Taylor is finally back with a new series - The Accidental Engagement Series! It has been a while since her successful releases of The Broken Innocence Series and The Ink Romance Series. At the encouragement of her fans, she has finally released a new series. This is her best work yet!

This is book three of the new series. You will find this new series longer than the previous series.

Book three, The Accidental Engagement Series. The story of Charles and Jane will blow your mind.

With the wedding preparations fully underway, Jane is feeling rather overwhelmed by it all. She has no choice but to help with certain parts of the organization, and she has to do the one thing that she never had anticipated she would do; try on wedding dresses. What some might have perceived as one of their greatest days out, Jane was dreading it as though it were a dark day for her. Charles can’t wait to get through the day and get it over and done with. He wants the money more than anything, but as the wedding draws nearer, will he have a change of heart? He can’t help but think about all of the unhappiness that his greed had caused up until that moment. This forces him to beg the question - is it all worth it?

Enjoy book three of the new Accidental Engagement Series!

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