• Abuelita's Magical Molcajete

  • 著者: Molé Mama
  • ナレーター: Aricka Parent
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『Abuelita's Magical Molcajete』のカバーアート

Abuelita's Magical Molcajete

著者: Molé Mama
ナレーター: Aricka Parent
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Abuelita's Magical Molcajete is a fun, magical, heartwarming romance, filled with delicious Mexican food and hope! The characters beam with sass, imperfection, wisdom, and love and will have you longing to connect with family and friends. It may also drive you to launch new cooking clubs where you'll spend countless hours making family recipes with multi-generational, cross-cultural friends and family, eat countless pink conchas and fluffy flour tortillas, host a tamalada, and purchase a molcajete. Marisol, our protagonist's twin sister, summarizes the story in the following paragraphs.

A magical molcajete, nine meddling ghosts, a grieving spinster, and fluffy flour tortillas in sunny San Diego are the main ingredients in this mostly true story of how my twin sister found true love after I, well, I died.

Dr. Maria Ybarra, my beautiful, 42 year old brilliant twin sister, was a hot mess after my fatal accident. She could barely teach her university classes, spoke to her dancing dogs non-stop, and saw no one socially but our big brother. He's also a brainiac plastic surgeon who stepped up to help her, but this job was even too big for him.

Maria needed heavenly intervention, and thankfully, my Abuelita and Tias took on her case. They have some impressive connections here in the afterlife and got clearance and approvals in record time. My Abuelita and Tias are sassy, tech savvy, sometimes ill-tempered, tequila drinking, cigar-smoking cooking divas, and they're unstoppable. Okay, pour yourself a margarita, grab a pink concha or two, and put on salsa music. You might also need a few tissues, and Maria will take over from here and give you every juicy detail of her story.

About the Author: "Abuelita's Magical Molcajete" is a Molé Mama story, and she is a San Diego-based author, home cook, vlogger, speaker, and podcaster. Her most cherished kitchen tool is her abuelita's magical molcajete, which she uses daily.

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