• A Man Called Peter

  • The Story of Peter Marshall
  • 著者: Catherine Marshall
  • ナレーター: Renee Ertl
  • 再生時間: 10 時間 27 分


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A Man Called Peter

著者: Catherine Marshall
ナレーター: Renee Ertl
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Filled with humor, wisdom and loving detail, the powerful story of Peter Marshall's life has touched the hearts and minds of millions of people. It's a story about love - the love between a dynamic man and his God, and the tender love between a man and the woman he married. It is also the gripping adventure of a poor Scottish immigrant who became chaplain of the United States Senate and one of the most revered men in America.

A Man Called Peter became the number-one best-seller when it was published in 1951, and around the world lives were changed by reading of the chaplain's remarkable faith.

In the foreword to this audiobook, Peter's son writes, "Even when [Dad's] words were preached 'secondhand'. . . in the movie version of A Man Called Peter, they had an amazing effect on people." Through Peter's story and the compelling sermons and prayers included in A Man Called Peter, you will discover insight into God, man, and life on earth and hereafter. You will also be encouraged by the realization that "if God can do so much for a man called Peter, he can do as much for you."

©1999 Catherine Marshall; 2010 Oasis Audio

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