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While there are many stereotypes about military spouses, there are a lot of things most people simply don’t know or don’t understand until they’ve become part of the military community.

Maybe you’re new to being a military spouse, maybe you just met someone and you aren’t married yet, but things are heading in that direction, maybe you’re a veteran who is now a military spouse, or maybe you’re what we call a "seasoned" military spouse just looking for new reading material. You might have joined the facebook groups or tried to meet friends at your military installation but part of you is still lonely, or you need validation for how you’re feeling. 

In this book, you might listen to some tips you never knew, or you’ll sit there nodding your head saying “yes girl!”, or maybe you’ll be raising one eyebrow thinking I’m totally off base. In any situation, you and I and every military spouse out there, knows there is something different about how we live our lives and this book is just a compilation of things we should know, wish we would have known sooner, and even things we wish other people would know about us.

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50 Things to Know About Being a Military Spouseに寄せられたリスナーの声


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  • T Avery
  • 2021/04/08

I feel so validated!

Hearing this MilSpouse’s perspective on her family life is so validating! Every topic she mentioned I WISH she had even more to say about! But it was an easy listen and will probably listen again!