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Unfold Mysteries Behind Prayer is about those mysteries that the devil does not want you to know about your prayer. The Devil understands that whenever you know these mysteries, you can never stop praying. Unfold Mysteries Behind Prayer exposes you to understand that it is even the perfect will and dream of God to answer your prayer, and give you whatsoever you ask from him. Unfold Mysteries Behind Prayer shows you that to answer your prayer is of great joy to God because it brings glory to his name and joy in his heart. He benefits from answering your prayer that is why he said pray without ceasing. Answering your prayer is for his name to be glorified, so any time he answers you, he is doing it because it gives him joy to do it. So you don't need to bother yourself when you pray because God will answer you and do whatsoever you ask him to do for his name to be glorified and for the joy he will receive from doing it. Before you pray, you will believe that God can do all things including the one you are asking him, because he will benefit from answering your prayers. 

You will learn how to believe in the efficacy of your prayer through this audiobook. This audiobook will open you to understand that every prayer you pray in the name of Jesus according to his will is answerable by God and you will stop thinking that you are not qualified to receive answers to prayers rather understand that whenever you pray that God expects you to believe in your prayers and he will answer you. And you will understand why the devil is trying to convince you not to believe in your prayers.

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Unfold Mysteries Behind Prayer: Knowing the Mysteries Behind Your Prayerに寄せられたリスナーの声