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Do you feel like your brain is like a child sometimes, running off alone and chasing butterflies off a cliff? The chances are that your memory is not your friend at the moment, but that can change - you can develop incredible memory today!

Although memory, forgetting, and learning are all sides of the same coin, it may feel like more of a Rubik's cube that just won’t line up when you want it to.

There’s no need to despair. Memory, like a muscle, can be trained to make you look fantastic in your mental bikini or flaunt that brainy brawn in your mind’s swimming shorts.

In the past, you may have mistakenly believed that memory was a case of have or have not - this is simply not true. You can build up your memory by learning some mindnastics as you take control of your memory. 

If you want to nip forgetfulness in the bud, banish frustrations of not being able to recall what you learned, and have memories and thoughts at the tips of your fingers, then this is a must-listen book for you.

Forgetfulness doesn’t need to be your destiny - you can make friends and allies of your mind, memory, and thought processes.

This book comes filled with exciting and practical techniques for creating a focused and efficient memory; it’s an absolute gem for those wishing to improve their mental coding, storage, and recall of events, thoughts, or other memories.

Inside Powered Up Memory, unpack:

  • The biology of memory, learning, and forgetting
  • The psychology of memory: the types of memory
  • Types of learning
  • Why you forget
  • Techniques for memory improvement
  • And so much more! 

Learn age-specific memory techniques to help children, students, and adults perfect the ability to recall and develop an incredible memory palace. Hand in hand with memory is the ability to learn faster, recall better, and be smarter. You can master all of these with this gripping listen.

Ultimately, your reliance on memory isn’t about remembering different things you learn at school; instead, it is about remembering the things that make your life stable and the business of living seamless. Cultivate learning, recall and a memory system that will serve you into old age. This is all that lies at the end of these mind techniques. Best of all, anyone can learn these right now! 

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