• Mastering Bitcoin A Comprehensive Beginner’s Manual

  • This Book Spells Out Step-By-Step Information on Eveything You Need to Know About Bitcoin Trading and Mining as a Beginner.
  • 著者: Lennon Pierre
  • ナレーター: Niles Dunhill
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¥ 900 で購入



Learning about cryptocurrency and its mode of operation can be a strenuous task. Especially if you don’t have access to real documents and resources to give you a step-by-step guide on what you should know at every point in time. Cryptocurrency is a complex phenomenon that requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of all the terminologies and concepts.

With the current trend, everybody has suddenly taken interest in bitcoin trading and investment as it has established itself as what we can call ‘the future of all currencies’. But be careful with all that adrenaline rushing through your mind; you need to dedicate time to learn about its mode of operation to avoid losing all your money.

Lack of knowledge is no good reason to fail at crypto trading/investment - all you need to do is take time to read and digest this ultimate guide!

Below are some of the bitcoin concepts and terminologies covered in this book:

  • Mysterious Origin of Bitcoin
  • Blockchain
  • Mining
  • Genres of Mining
  • Bitcoin Transactions
  • Wallets and Their Uses
  • Best Coins to Invest In
  • Important Facts About Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Regulations and Tax

And much more...

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