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Persian Culture Class. What vocabulary do I need to know to have a conversation with Persian-speaking locals? What are the five most popular sweets in Iran? What are the most important cultural holidays? Get the answer to these, and much, much, more with Persian Culture Class.

The topics and cultural tips in this audiobook are carefully selected to give you an understanding of the Persian culture beyond what you get from a normal language class and help you navigate your life in Iran. With this 25-lesson audiobook, you'll learn the most essential Persian vocabulary words related to culture and daily life.

Why are the audio lessons so effective?• Short and to the point

  • Twenty five 8-minute lessons make them the perfect length
  • Syllable-by-syllable breakdown of each word and phrase so that you can say every word and phrase instantly
  • Repeat after the professional teacher section so that you can practice proper pronunciation
  • Above all, fun and relaxed approach to grasping a lot of information quickly and easily

These words and topics in this series have been hand-picked by our Persian native speakers and cover topics like popular Persian dishes, traditional customs and the top Persian tourist attractions. This is not just a vocabulary audiobook with words and translations - each topic is described and explained. These short and effective audio lessons let you dive into the exciting world of Persian culture. Start your journey to unlocking the Persian culture with Persian Culture Class!

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