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"This book is exceptional. I love everything that's in it. I highly recommend this if you're a quote lover. You'll fall in love with it." (Linsey Corbett)

"An uplifting emporium of wisdom and life truths. Such fine compilations of thought in depth offered to illuminate the ponderous oceans within us all as a lighthouse would guide lost travelers. Experienced. Appreciated. Loved." (Kristian Markovic)


"We may not be able to turn back the clock to rewind what’s been said and done by others with our past, but we hold the present power to birth a whole new future generation of thinkers, doers, and world shapers with just one mindset-shift in this new millennium. Poverty has never existed due to a lack of resources, but rather, a person carrying a mindset of scarcity and negativity his whole life, then passing it down and over like a baton of a relay race that no new lease of life intended to partake in." (Dash Trembley)

Mission: Eradicate Poverty on Planet Earth


An original collection of 111 authentic quotes of carefully selected words that entails a journey of mindfully cultivated life lessons of gratitude and self-love. Also helping you sculpt and mold a willpower of your own to help you through significant decision-makings in life. It covers an overall well-being theme that is uplifting in nature and it will help create an inner environment that is well-rounded, engineering all aspects of your life.

Boldly creating new revolutionary perspectives for our near future, against all odds of growing up within the internal conflicts, dysfunctions, and drama of family ties and relationships. Also skating through the whirlwind of emotional roller coaster rides to overcome all the obstacles, madness, and chaos of the heart and mind. The only way out is to eventually work your way in.

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