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Throughout the evolution of mankind, the human mind has proven itself to be one of the biggest wonders. The mind keeps adding relevance and efficiency to its world from early age down to the present world.

One of such wonders is the wide use of the internet and technology, which has transformed human existence remarkably. Just a few taps today are sufficient to manage tons of official work and communication. This depicts that undoubtedly the world has advanced to become a global system with the growth of information technology.

Various apps have been designed for this purpose, to help you connect to the world and make human functions in research work, business, project work, teaching and learning, and so on are easier. Google Drive is one of such leading applications that has provided compatibility and unlimited efficiency to different activities.

Google Drive allows you to make and edit your docs, save them in the cloud, and reach them on any device anywhere in the world. The synchronization app and the storage competence also surpasses imagination.

This book was written with the focus of helping beginners understand Google drive and its connected apps: Docs, Slides, Sheets to help you maximize the full feature of Google drive.  

Things you will be exposed to in this book include:

  • First look at Google Drive
  • Setting up and activating your Google Drive
  • How to do everything on Google Drive
  • Getting more out of Google Drive
  • Staying connected with Google Drive even without the internet
  • First look at Google Docs
  • Setting up your Google Docs
  • Google Docs features
  • Google Docs tips and tricks
  • Using Google Spreadsheets
  • Google Sheets functions
  • Using Google Slide
  • And many more...

Please note: This is an unofficial product. This audiobook is not endorsed by or associated with Google or Alphabet.

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Google Drive and Docsに寄せられたリスナーの声