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Today, millions of people are living and struggling with hurts, hang-ups, and addictions. The issue is many times we are crippled by these hurts, hang-ups, and addictions and never seek to make lasting changes. There are a number of reasons why we fail to seek freedom or improvement from our imperfections. However, these issues are keeping millions of people from reaching their full potential and achieving unprecedented personal success. Often, we live with hurts that stem from a dysfunctional past or relationship. We live in self-defeat and denial because of past mistakes or failures. These negative, thoughts, feelings, and emotions can keep us stuck in a dark place and can hinder us from becoming all that we are truly destined to be.

We live in times where self-sufficiency and self-reliance outweigh our need for fellowship and accountability. We live in an era where our success or our lives are defined by how much money we make or how much frivolous possession we own. We live in a time where having faith or a relationship with God is no longer popular or trendy. We look to a barrage of empty and meaningless trends to find meaning, but we are left unfulfilled and unsatisfied. This distorted view of success and how we should live our lives or who we should be in the world has left billions struggling with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, suicide, and often some form of drug or alcohol abuse. We are living in a self-medicating world that is crying out for answers. We live in a world that is hurting and crying out for comfort, courage, and the ability to shake crippling addictions. Addictions that we hide and lie about in order to function in society all while we are hurting and heartbroken.

A Detective’s Redemption: Defeating the Past. Fighting to Win Today! is a motivational and inspirational, faith-based self-help audiobook taught by Marine Corps Veteran, Police Detective, and Tactical Operator Omar Hernandez.

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